Emerging tech and Digital Transformation

Emerging tech and Digital Transformation

Organizations’ ultimate goal is to grow while leveraging digital transformation’s emerging technologies turning them into opportunities through innovation and risk-taking.
Digital transformation has the capacity to alter the dynamics of existing industries and create new ones,
it plays a major role in a company’s fast and agile growth.
A digital transformation means thinking laterally about how to use technology to create better business models, value proposition, customer and employee experience, process efficiency, and a lot more.
This webinar sheds light on the topic of digital transformation, the umbrella term for the disruptive technologies of today.
We hear the term everywhere but what exactly does it mean?
Why is it important for organizations to start thinking about engaging?
How does it affect your business strategy?
What hurdles to expect before, during and after the transformation and how to address them?
What are the most impactful emerging technologies to consider in order to become digital?

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Marie Therese Salame

CIELTECH LLC Qatar, founded by four Cyber Security experts with 27 years of experience behind each one of them coupled with a multi global exposure vis-à-vis the different ways of thought and practices carried out in understanding the basic commodities and essentials for securing a better safe working environment. .... for more details press here

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